Adrenalink  and Munedaiko feature together in evocative performance, where the invisible world of music joins the visible world of painting.


Taiko sound, Japanese traditional drum, has a millennial history: it had been used in religious rituals and in battles to maintain high warriors spirit.

Yahiro three brothers celebrate Taiko art in extraordinary exhibitions where body and mind are unified in consciousness, focusing on universal harmony.


Taiko has a powerful resonance in all body, it’s a real healing tool indeed.

When we let Taiko vibrations pass through our body, stocked emotions are released.

Painting Taiko sound is making  this power energy visible.

With painting gestures Adrenalink walk into sound waves and transform them into an artwork on paper.


Public, music and painting are unified in the performance.
The process that frees creativity makes imagination and possibilities grow.

Spreading possibilities is make our visions bigger, it’s a way to improve ourself and the world surrounding us.


Adrenalink and Munedaiko are available for live performance.


We’ll be happy to exhibit in your event!