Here you can find some of the most frequently asked questions we are usually asked at Adrenalink related to tutoring but not only.

No, even if law allows us with parents authorisation we think tattoo choice is personal. It should be not needed an authorization from third parts.

Yes, it hurts.

Adrenalink Tattooing is a professional studio built on the most recent hygienic law standard. Adrenalink has Hygiene Office Asl 3 of Venice certification. Needles used are sterile and single use. They are set in the tattoo machine with customer presence. Colors are certificated by manufactures.

Minimum price is 80 euro. For bigger project a consultation is needed.

Yes, when it’s possible. Unfortunately not all damages can be fixed.

Yes, we ask 50 to 100 euro deposit depending on the kind of tattoo.

Yes, one person maximum is admitted, Adrenalink reserves whether to accept him/her or not.

We love children, but a tattoo studio is not the right place to bring them.

No, we’re here to make tattoos, if we’ll need staff you’ll find it on the homepage news.