Adrenalink has a Youtube Channel dedicated to Japanese Traditional Tattoo and more.
Videos have the following goals:

  • educating to images;
  • preparing the future tattooed person to dive into Horimono Culture;
  • discovering Japanese Tattoo Culture in its deepness and complexity.

Videos are suitable for both beginners who want to take the first steps through Horimono and those who have an understanding of the structure of it. Japanese Traditional Tattoo has an antique history that Adrenalink feels to valorize, without being foregone or superficial. Direct experience in Japan and close trust relationships with Horishi families permitted Crez and Manekistefy to collect  important information. Now they decided to share that information with a wider audience. If you find pleasure and enjoyment in this culture please share videos and leave comments. You will have a role in dissemination too!

Thank you.